Check out the review that beauty influencer Nicole Lynn from GlamWar.ous gave Dchlorin8!

A few weeks back, we sent Nicole Lynn of the beauty blog GlamWar.ous a bottle of Dchlorin8, hoping to get her input (after all, she is one of the premier beauty bloggers in the midwest). We hadn't heard much from her until last night (3/12) when she posted a review on GlamWar.ous titled: Dchlorin8 - Your Hair Will Love You. We were thrilled to see that she didn't just like Dchlorin8, she loved it! In fact, in her review, she writes that Dchlorin8 is "nothing short of a miracle product."

We were so excited about this review that we wanted to share it with all of our followers. We recommend that you check out the full review on the GlamWar.ous website as Nicole not only explains how she used Dchlorin8 to refresh her hair—she also provides valuable information on why you would need to use Dchlorin8 even if you aren't a swimmer (hint: it has to do with the fact that there are chlorine and minerals in your tap water). Click on the picture below to read her full review: