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What makes gray hair turn yellow?

People on social media, hair-care forums, and Google all want to know what causes their hair to develop a faint (and sometimes not-so-faint) yellow tinge. Because we like helping our customers whenever and however we can, we decided to chime-in and help answer the question.

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What does chlorine do to your hair?

Photo by Voodoovood What does chlorine do to your hair? If you’ve spent any time in a pool, you’re probably aware that chlorine can leave you with undesirably brittle hair. In this post, we’ll explain why chlorine is added to water, what it does to your hair, and how you can restore hair that is suffering from chlorine damage. Why do we put chlorine in water? Due to its disinfecting properties, chlorine is used as a cleaning agent in both pools and tap water. When chlorine comes into contact with a single celled organism, such as a bacteria, it breaks through the lipid based cell membrane (which is essentially constructed of oils and fats). When the cell membrane is broken,...

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