What makes gray hair turn yellow?

Why is my gray hair turning yellow?!

This is a question that we see a lot.

People on social media, hair-care forums, and Google all want to know what causes their hair to develop a faint (and sometimes not-so-faint) yellow tinge.

Because we like helping our customers whenever and however we can, we decided to chime-in and help answer the question.

But before we can, we need to talk a little bit about gray hair and why it is so susceptible to the yellow curse.

What makes gray hair so unique?

Aside from being uniquely beautiful, gray hair has many characteristics that set it apart from other hair colors. The most important difference (at least for this conversation) is that gray hair lacks the pigment that other hair colors have.

This absence of pigment makes it easier for gray hair to pick up and show the colors of foreign particles that it comes into contact with.

These foreign particles have a tendency to leave a yellow tinge in an otherwise flawless gray mane.

Where do the foreign particles come from?

The foreign particles come from a number of sources—both within and outside of your control.

If you smoke, the chemicals from your cigarettes can attach to your gray hair and turn it yellow.

The hair products you use can also leave behind residue and materials that cause your gray hair to yellow.

Quitting smoking and/or trying new hair products (i.e. Dchlorin8) can help you control and remove the yellow from your gray hair.

Factors outside of your control that can cause your gray hair to turn yellow include pollution and tap water chemicals (specifically, chlorine).

If you live or work in a highly polluted area, your gray hair is vulnerable to the particulates in the air that can turn it yellow.

The chlorine and minerals in your tap water also cause your gray hair to turn yellow.

How do you get rid of the yellow tinge?

We thought you’d never ask.

You could buy a bundle of expensive shampoos, move your life to a place with no pollution, and install a costly water filtration system.

Or, you could just get yourself a bottle of Dchlorin8.

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