Visit us at the TAC Titans Cinco de Mayo Meet this weekend (5/5 - 5/7) for an exclusive offer!

This weekend only (5/5 - 5/7) at the TAC Titans Cinco de Mayo Meet: Buy two bottles of Dchlorin8 and get a Wet Brush Free!

This weekend is the TAC Titans Cinco de Mayo Meet! To celebrate, we're running a special deal for all of our fans: If you stop by our booth and buy two bottles of Dchlorin8, we'll give you a free Wet Brush! So, if you're attending, don't forget to stop by, say hello, and get yourself some Dchlorin8. If you're not attending, there's no need to worry, you can buy as many bottles of Dchlorin8 as you want through our website—you just won't be able to get a free Wet Brush (yet). More information about the event can be found below.

Visit us at the TAC Titans Cinco de Mayo Meet This Weekend (5/5 - 5/7)

TAC Titans Cinco de Mayo Meet general information.

Below is general information about the TAC Titans Cinco de Mayo Meet and when we'll be there:


Triangle Aquatic Center
275 Convention Dr.
Cary, NC 27511
Click here for directions.

Dates and times:

Date Open Time Close Time
Friday, May 5th 4:00 PM EDT 7:00 PM EDT
Saturday, May 6th 7:00 AM EDT 7:00 PM EDT
Sunday, May 7th 8:00 AM EDT 4:00 PM EDT

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