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Pool hair.

The dreaded words of anyone who enjoys using a pool for fun, exercise, or sport. If you're a swimmer, or parent of a swimmer, you know its undeniable inevitability. If you're a lover of water sports and exercise, you know its destructive power. If you're a casual user of swimming pools and water parks during the dog days of summer, you know its ability to ruin the rest of your week. The dullness of it. The dryness of it. The very existence of it makes you wonder why you would ever want to dip your feet into a pool again.

For many, pool hair means color change (usually to green), a loss of softness, and an irritable scalp. Nobody wants pool hair. Nobody likes pool hair. But, unfortunately, it still happens.

What causes pool hair?

There is no single cause for pool hair (okay, technically "getting into the pool" could be classified as the root cause, but we're talking about what happens once you're in the pool). Rather, pool hair is the outcome of the different chemical (i.e. chlorine) and mineral disinfectants (e.g. magnesium, sodium, copper, lead, etc.)—used to keep the pool clean and free from bacteria—reacting with your hair. This reaction can cause discoloration (which happens when chlorine oxidizes the copper in the water and binds to your hair: Source), dryness (which is caused by the chlorine stripping the body's natural protective lubricant sebum from the hair, exposing the cuticle to other chemicals and minerals: Source), and irritability (also caused by the stripping of natural protective oils and lubricants), also known as "pool hair."

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How do I get rid of pool hair?

This seems to be the question on the tip of everybody's tongue. In fact, a simple Google search of the term "How do I get rid of pool hair?" pulls up numerous results with multi-step processes that include everything from purchasing expensive shampoos, conditioners, and swimming supplies to soaking your hair in a mixture of vinegar, tomato, and lemon juice after every swim (Don't believe us? Here's one article of many detailing the different approaches to treating pool hair). These remedies may work in the short term, however, they fail to address one glaring problem: The same types of chlorine and mineral disinfectants found in the pool are also present in your tap water at home (Source). Which means that when you rinse the dechlorinating shampoo, conditioners, and home remedies out of your hair, you are doing so with chlorine and mineral rich water.

If it sounds like an annoying, vicious cycle, that's because it is. But you no longer need to worry, because we're here to free your hair from the cycle. Dchlorin8 was specifically developed to eliminate the need for expensive dechlorinating shampoos, conditioners, and home remedies. As an all-natural, leave-in conditioner, Dchlorin8 can be applied right out of the pool or right out of the shower, and it does not need to be rinsed out of your hair after being applied—which means you're exfoliating the pool chlorine and minerals from your hair without exposing your hair to the chlorine and minerals in your tap water. So you can ditch the vitamin C spray, the expensive shampoos, and the other bundled products that you used to need to treat your chlorine and mineral damaged hair, and just buy a bottle of Dchlorin8.

If you ask us how to get rid of your pool hair, we've got a simple answer for you: Dchlorin8.