About Us

Our History.

Dchlorin8 was founded in 2015 by Basil Yankoglu, a hair stylist with 35 years of experience, who noticed that hair that was regularly exposed to chlorine was damaged, dry, and easily tangled. In the beginning, our mission was simply to provide swimmers with an all natural product that would remove the chlorine from their hair and prevent the "pool hair" look. Not long after Dchlorin8 was officially launched, people began to discover and share the variety of ways Dchlorin8 could be used—including softening brittle nails. So, we started to branch out beyond the swimming pool, trying to find the people whose hair suffers the most from chlorine exposure and damage.

What we discovered was startling. Due to its disinfecting properties, chlorine can be found in tap water—which means that when you shower, you are showering in chlorinated water. In fact, the Maximum Contaminant Level for chlorine in drinking (tap) water established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is 4 parts per million (PPM) (Source), which is 4x the amount of free chlorine concentration the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends for swimming pools (1 PPM) (Source). The water in your home may also contain minerals like calcium, copper, magnesium, and lead (Source). This made us realize that swimmers weren't the only ones who could benefit from Dchlorin8, so we got to work expanding our presence and spreading the word that chlorine has a new nemesis: Dchlorin8.


Who We Are Today.

Today, we proudly serve three main groups of people: swimmers, people with gray hair, and people with color treated hair. We've found that people in these categories tend to feel the wrath of chlorine a little more than others. Swimmers commonly find that their hair turns green after leaving the pool (this is due to the chlorine oxidizing the copper found in the pool: Source). People with gray hair typically notice a yellow tinge due to the chlorine and minerals found in the shower (Source). Those with color-treatmented hair often find that their hair develops a brassiness and the color doesn't stick as well as it should, because the chlorine left behind from the shower is fighting to destroy the hair follicules (for an interesting read on how hair coloring works, we recommend you check out this article).

Our Future.

The more Dchlorin8 grows, the more uses we (and our customers) find for it. As a dechlorinating, detangling, leave-in conditioner, Dchlorin8 is meant to replace the bundle of conditioners, detanglers, and dechlorinating products that you currently use to keep their hair soft, shiny, and manageable—saving you time and money. We envision a future in which the only hair products you need are shampoo and a bottle of Dchlorin8.