Dchlorin8 for Color Treated Hair


Before you spend another penny on products for your color-treated hair, please read what we have to say—it will help save you time and money!

If you color your hair, chances are you’ve faced the little monster we call “brassiness” before.

It dulls your beautiful color-treated hair. It fades your vibrant highlights. And—worst of all—it drains the money from your pocketbook in the process.

Nobody likes or wants brassiness, but it still happens.

So… How do you protect your hair from brassiness?

Well, you could stay out of the sun and avoid the pool like some articles suggest.

Which works—if you want to ruin your summer.

You could frequently go out of your way to stop by the salon and have them touch everything up.

Which also works—if you have the time and money to do so.

You could buy a bundle of “color enhancing” shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers.

Which might work—if you're willing to spend the money, experiment with numerous products, and expose your hair to non-organic chemicals.

Or you could pick up a bottle of Dchlorin8 and save yourself time and money!

Dchlorin8 is an all-natural, light-weight, leave-in conditioner developed by a hairstylist with over 30 years of experience in hair coloring and design.

Unlike other hair products that claim to prevent brassiness and restore shine, Dchlorin8 removes the chlorine and minerals (two root causes of brassiness) from your color-treated hair to keep everything looking lush and vibrant—without introducing new chemicals into your hair (it’s all natural, remember?)!

The best part is, Dchlorin8 is more than a life-changing conditioner—it’s also a top-shelf detangler.

When you buy a bottle of Dchlorin8, you get much more than the world’s premier dechlorinating product, you also get peace of mind that you’ve saved yourself money, headache, and time by buying a 2-in-1 product that actually works.

We believe you'll love Dchlorin8 so much that we even offer a money-back guarantee. If Dchlorin8 isn't the most effective conditioner you've ever used, we'll give you your money back!

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