Don't let pool hair ruin your summer!

I'm an avid swimmer with mostly processed blonde hair and Dchlorin8 has protected, softened, and kept my hair from turning green... I use this in the shower, leave it in, then when I get out of the pool I put it right in my hair! Love it! Thank you Dchlorin8 for this revolutionary product!


Amanda Conway, Beauty Influencer and Avid Swimmer


Is pool hair ruining your summer?

Pool hair. If you've ever jumped in a pool, you know what we're talking about. The dry, dull, lifeless sensation caused by the chlorine and chemicals in the pool. For a lucky few, this isn't a problem. For the rest of us, the thought alone is strong enough to keep us away from any pool—even during the sweltering summer months. Pool hair ruins summer.

How do you get rid of pool hair?

Ah, the golden question of anyone who wants to enjoy their summer and look good doing it. For starters, you could try the age-old natural remedy of vinegar, tomato juice, and club soda—but that's about as ineffective as it is time consuming. If that doesn't cut it, you could buy a bundle of dechlorinating shampoos and conditioners. It might cost you a pretty penny (not to mention valuable shower storage space!), but it'd be a little more effective. Or, you could get yourself a single bottle of Dchlorin8 and not have to worry about pool hair ever again.


What is Dchlorin8 and how does it help with your pool hair?

Dchlorin8 is an all-natural, leave-in conditioner that removes the chlorine and minerals from your hair. The positively charged particles in Dchlorin8 bond with the negatively charged metal particles found in chlorine and other minerals. Once bonded, Dchlorin8 closes the cuticle, leaving your feeling even better than it did before you jumped in the pool. Because Dchlorin8 is a leave-in conditioner, you can apply it right out of the pool—you don't have to rush home to wash your hair. All you have to do is shake the bottle, spray it into your hair, and brush!