What's in your water?

There’s a lot more than H2O.

It’s no secret that your tap water contains a lot more than just H2O. Some chemicals—like fluoride—are intentionally added to your tap water to make it potable or nutritious. Some chemicals—like copper and lead—emerge when your household plumbing systems corrode.1 Regardless of what the chemicals are, or how they got there, one thing is certain: They are not good for your hair. One chemical, in particular, can wreak havoc on even the most well maintained set of locks: Cl2—a.k.a. Chlorine.


Cl2 ("Chlorine") chemical structure.

Chlorine: It's not just in swimming pools.

For most people, the word “chlorine” conjures images of swimming pools and hot summer days. However, due to its disinfecting properties, chlorine is commonly used to treat tap water. In fact, the Maximum Contaminant Level for chlorine in tap water established by the EPA is 4 parts per million (PPM)24X the amount of free chlorine concentration the CDC recommends for swimming pools (1 PPM).3

What does chlorine do to your hair?

Regular exposure to chlorine and minerals can cause lasting damage to your hair. Chlorine strips your hair of the natural oils that lubricate and protect it. Once the oils have been stripped, other minerals begin to build up around the hair follicles. This process can cause your hair to become dry, weighted down, or (in some cases) discolored.4

How do you reverse chlorine damage?

Common methods for reversing chlorine damage include both natural remedies (e.g. soaking your hair in a mixture of vinegar, tomatoes, and lemon juice) and artificial treatments (e.g. purchasing a bundle of dechlorinating shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers). Although these fixes may work temporarily, they still fail to solve a glaring problem: When you rinse your hair after using a home remedy or dechlorinating shampoo, you are doing so with chlorine rich water. If it sounds like an annoying, vicious cycle, that's because it is.

Luckily, there is one more thing you could try that’s guaranteed to work: Dchlorin8.

What is Dchlorin8?

Dchlorin8 is an all-natural leave-in dechlorinating conditioner. Because Dchlorin8 is a leave-in conditioner, it does not need to be rinsed out once it is applied—which means you’re not exposing your hair to the chlorine in your tap water. So, Dchlorin8 not only removes the chlorine from your hair, it helps you prevent further chlorine damage as well. The best part is, if you have a bottle of Dchlorin8, you can ditch your other conditioners and detanglers—Dchlorin8 does it all.

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